About Us

Arnson Innovate is a service provider of IT software projects and STEM education solutions. Through the advancement of technology, artistic brilliance, innovation, and creativity, we hope to reform, inspire, and encourage people individually and as a community through our Tech and Art services. We are a progression of socially responsible business.

Get Inspired, Be Innovative!
“Our mission is to consistently reform and inspire innovation to grow jobs and maximize profit through social interventions, Digital Training, Art and Tech-enabled services.”

Arnold Johnson


Our Vision

To be recognized at the forefront of digital acceleration in related institutions by the year 2028, and to inspire the next generation of businesses and innovators in the Bono East region by providing digital skills training to individuals and institutions.

Our Team

Our organizational structure and personnel plans reflect our commitment to maintaining an organization
that is customer oriented and technologically proficient, while efficiently managing costs and increasing productivity.

Arnold Johnson


Isaac Nyarko

Chief Technology Officer

Ohene Adjei

Chief Operation Officer

Our Core Values

Diversity and Inclusivity

Our policies provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people. We use varying techniques and technologies in our operations that serve global purposes.


Ensuring that everyone in the region has access to digital skills training, regardless of their background or financial status.


We encourage collaboration among our team, which leads to creative and innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Contributing towards excellent and strong communities.

We give back to our communities through donations, volunteerism, and other forms of support. A percentage of every profit made goes back to building or developing the communities we serve.

If you share our values and objectives, then let’s have fun developing a successful solution for your company.

Let’s Develop Businesses Together