AITK Drone Technology and Robotics Training at the DeMakkels School

On the 9th and 10th of November 2022, we organized a two-day practical intense Robotics training for a group of students from the De Markells School Asankrangwa-Western Region of Ghana. The training was centered on equipping, young students with skills and hands-on experience in robotics, drone technology, and Programming.

Our facilitators took these young ones through the programming of the Makeblock‘s Mbot robots they had built. They were taught how to program the robot to detect and avoid obstacles and follow lines. They also learned to control the robots using pre-programmed voice commands.

With simple programming codes in the Mblock application, they were able to measure and react to temperature, sound volume, and light intensity using the sensors on the Auriga control board.

These brilliant students explored the Codrone Edu from Robolink. They went through the basics of drone piloting, from pre-flight checks to basic flight movement with controllers. They were introduced to Blockly and python to code the drones to perform basic flight movements.

Students from the DeMakkels School piloting a drone
Arnson Innovate Training, DeMakkels School – Asankrangwa

We then concluded the studies with a VR 3D experience in space and ocean using virtual reality (VR) boxes where the kids had a first-person view of the elements in space and underwater.

Students from DeMakkels Experiencing Virtual Reality with our VR boxes
Arnson Innovate Tech Hub training, DeMakkels School – Asankrangwa

We seek to give every kid a hands-on practical experience in the tech space because Coding is the basic literacy for kids globally.

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